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GDE Financial
Settlement Platform
GDE Big Data
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Business Platform

As a global and professional drug trade service provider, Global Drug Exchange has five platforms: GDE Shared Trading Platform, GDE Marketing Service Platform, GDE Financing Service Platform, GDE Big Data Service Platform and GDE Intelligent Logistics Platform, to provide one-stop trading services to global drug dealers.




GDE Shared Trading Platform
GDE Marketing Service Platform
GDE Financing Service Platform
GDE Big Data Service Platform
GDE Intelligent Logistics Platform
GDE Shared Trading Platform
GDE shared trading platform, providing drug suppliers and purchasers with drugs and services in drug-related item listing, on-line trading, smart logistics and time-limited settlement etc., aims to shorten drug trade processes and reduce distribution links for lower drug marketing cost and purchasing cost, as well as higher trade efficiency.
GDE Shared Trading Platform
· Support cross-border business market · Support multiple trade modes · Support multiple currencies
· Support multiple trade objects
· Support multiple trade categories
· Support multiple trade forms
GDE Marketing Service Platform assists all parties on the platform to achieve precise marketing by simplifying the traditional marketing processes, improving marketing efficiency and reducing marketing management cost. Based on marketing data analyses and visual feedback, the platform makes it easier to get market dynamics and to make scientific marketing decisions.
GDE Marketing Service Platform
Client Services: online consultation, order amendment, contract management, logistics tracking, online settlement,
                            after-sale service....
Marketing Management: product management, demand management, client management, settlement management,
                                          promotion management, financing management….
Operation Analyses: marketing data analyses, trade index query, product line statistics, financial data analyses,
                                    client structure analyses….
GDE Financing Service Platform

By virtue of its self-owned capital strength and partnerships with financial institutes, GDE provides convenient, fast and preferential financing solutions to members.

GDE Financing Service Platform
Diverse Capital sources
Online Financing Services
Convenient Financing Procedures
Scientific Risk Control Methods
GDE Big Data Service Platform
GDE big data service platform provides registered members with data services, including industry data, data reports, precise marketing, data customization and other products and services, which come from studies by GDE of the global market and data flow of the platform.
GDE Big Data Service Platform
Industry Data Service
Data Report Products
Data Customization
Precision Marketing
GDE Intelligent Logistics Platform
GDE Intelligent Logistics Platform
GDE will provide the demand side with logistics service with automation, visualization, intelligence and networking by full use of self-owned logistics service, or coordinated logistics of trading parties and logistics platforms of third parties.
GDE Trade Index
Trade Pricing Index
Trade Scale Index
Trade Frequency Index
Thanks to its experienced expert team and with a deep integration of big data and drug trade, GDE has established a global drug trade index system, including trade pricing index, trade scale index and trade frequency index. To establish a scientific, authoritative and dynamic index system reflecting global drug trade conditions, GDE selects drug trade information from representative countries and regions around the globe, gives full considerations to new drugs in and old drugs out, chooses dynamic samples which cover prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, adopts WHO recommended ATC classification system and DDD unit conversion system and applies chained index computing principles.
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